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New decals from Pössum Werks

Pössum Werks has released some brand new decals, following up their very fine initial release of just a few months ago. This time, it’s 3 new sets of water-slide goodies, 2 for some new plastic, and 1 for a classic.

The decals are printed by Cartograph, and as is always the case with their decals, the color and quiality of these 3 sets is simply outstanding.

And the man behind Pössum Werks, Tom Myers, has done a fabulous job on the artwork for each of these sets. His previous set, decals for Steinhoff’s Bf-109s, were very nice, and really looked great when applied to plastic. And I expect these will be every bit as good when applied.

Here are the three sets:

Just in time to adorn the Eduard F6F-3 Hellcat boxing (or any other 1/48 -3 Hellcat for that matter…) is set PW-8002 (US$12 + $3 S&H), “The Greatest Cat of All”, which includes markings for four F6F-3 Hellcats in 1/48 Scale. Markings are for:

  • F6F-3 VF-15, U.S.S. Essex (CV-9) “The Minsi,” June 1944, flown by Cdr. David McCampbell
  • F6F-3 VF-6, U.S.S. Interpid (CV-11) “”Gadget,” February 1944, flown by Lt. Alex Vraciu
  • F6F-3 VF-16, U.S.S. Lexington “White 33” April 1944, flown by Lt (jg) Frank Fleming
  • Hellcat Mk. I, H.M.S. Emperor, 800 Naval Air Squadron, 1944

Set PW7001 (US$15 + $3 S&H), Operation Tidal Wave, depicts three aircraft from the Ploeisti Raid, plus a fourth set of markings for another B-24. These markings would be perfect for Hasegawa’s recently released 1/72 B-24 kit. The aircraft depicted are:

  • B-24D-25-CO 41-24294 (V), 376BG/512 BS, “Brewery Wagon”
  • B-24D-CO 41-11761 (R), 98BG/343BS, “The Squaw/Sleepy”
  • B-24D-CO 42-40994 (D), 93BG, “Hell’s Wench”
  • B-24D-15-CF 42-63692 (W), 44BG/506BS, “Princess”

And last but not least are markings for Revell/Monogram’s classic 1/48 B-17G (PW8003, US$15 + $3 S&H), one of the all-time great kits, in my opinion. Markings included are:

  • B-17G-95-BO 43-338728, 851th BS, 490th BG, “£5 with Breakfast”
  • B-17G-90-BO 43-38525,418th BS, 100th BG, “Miss Conduct”

All sets are available at the Pössum Werks website. And if you are at the IPMS US Nationals this week (Aug. 6-9, 2008), be sure and look up Tom- he’ll be at the Accurate Miniatures booth. Tell him Jon from says “Hi!” 😀

A very special thanks to Tom and Pössum Werks for the review samples- I truly appreciate your support!