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Readers’ Gallery: SteveL’s Monogram A-26 to JD-1 conversion

Forum member SteveL posted these photos of an awesome build he did of a very unusual aircraft that you don’t see on every shelf.

Got some pics this weekend of one of my favorites from the display case. It’s the Monogram A26 Invader converted into a JD1 target tow aircraft.

  • Rescribed all the panel lines.
  • Repositioned the rudder and nose wheel.
  • Opened canopy. (cut apart vac-form)
  • Detailed and converted the interior compartments.
  • True Details Wheels
  • Some marking had to be either hand cut (white) or laser printed
  • Scratchbuilt tow attachment under fuselage.
  • Antennae made of hyperdermics
  • Radar from P61 kit
  • Windshield Wipers
  • Clear nose smoothed and masked to reveal earlystyle radome

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Jon Bius, Editor/Publisher