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Lonestar Models 1/48 OS2U Cockpit Set

Don McIntyre gives us the details on Lonestar Models 1/48 OS2U Cockpit Set (LSM 0224). This is Don’s first contribution to thanks for the support, Don!

This set consists of approximately 20 resin parts, and is designed for Monogram’s venerable OS2U-3 Kingfisher kit, a WWII observation floatplane produced by Vought. The Monogram kit is pretty well done for it’s age, excepting the cockpit and engine/cowl area (which Lonestar Models also covers in another set).
From reading I’ve done over the years it appears that the floats on the kit aren’t quite right either, but unless you can find a Cutting Edge Float set (obviously discontinued for the foreseeable future and very expensive on eBay if you can find it) you’ve got a lot of scratchbuilding to do. Neither option appeals to me, so I’ll probably just leave things as they are when I get around to this build.

The castings on this set are a little rough in places, with a few holes here and there on some of the bits. The hardest bit to correct for me will be the holes in the radio boxes on the aft cockpit decking. The hole on the machine gun butt in the cockpit will pretty much be hidden, but those boxes are right out in plain sight.
There’s quite a bit of flash that will need to be dealt with and fairly large molding plugs that need to be removed as well, but nothing beyond the skills of an average model builder.

I don’t mean to sound entirely negative here. This set will vastly improve the cockpit of the Monogram kit- it will just take some skills to get there. If I’d received a set from Aires that had the issues I’ve mentioned above, I’d be pretty peeved, but knowing that Mike West’s Lonestar Models is a one man operation makes me feel a little more generous as regards casting issues.

Parts consist of:

  • Rear decking with radio boxes and other bits molded-in
  • Aft fuselage section (with ribbing and stringer details)
  • 2 aft cockpit sidewalls with very nicely-molded detail (actually, these are probably the nicest bits of the set)
  • 2 scarf rings (for mounting the rear gun) The instructions note that if you’ve got Monogram’s “High Tech” release you can use the photoetch scarf ring details from the kit instead of the resin bits.
  • 1-piece rear cockpit floor
  • Gun mount & .30-cal MG for rear cockpit
  • A small shelf with small radio boxes molded-in
  • Survival pack
  • Life raft
  • Gunner’s seat
  • Two tube-shaped pieces representing the rear flare tubes
  • Front cockpit aft bulkhead with pilot’s seat
  • Left and right front cockpit sidewalls
  • Instrument panel assembly with various bits molded-in

Instructions consist of one page of detailed written instructions, and one page of (fairly rough) assembly drawings. These also show/explain where you need to make cuts in the Monogram wing assembly to get the set to fit.

Would I recommend this set? Yes, I would, though adding the caveat that some modeling skills are required. In my opinion, this isn’t for the novice modeler.

The set can be ordered through Lonsestar Models. The set was US$25, including postage.

About Don McIntyre:
I live in Clarksville, Tennessee. I’ve been building models since the early 70s (if I recall correctly, my first model was an Airfix Yak-9) and have really enjoyed seeing the hobby grow and our modeling choices greatly expand over the years. For many years I concentrated on 1/72 scale kits (and dabbled in armor, ships, cars and even figures), but have since decided to concentrate on 1/48 scale.