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Readers’ Gallery: Robert Bius’ Bf-109G-14

OK… I gotta brag. This is my son’s build. It’s 21st Century Toy’s Bf-109G-14, built out of the box for the most part- except for the markings.

I love to watch my son build. He’s 18, but still builds like a kid. He’s got a lot of imagination, building F-5 Tiger II in his school colors, Yak-3s as they appear in video games, and now, “his” Bf-109G.

He decided to paint it as if it was his plane. So he’s given it an orange and black nose- those are his high school colors. And the number on the side- 70, was his jersey number when he played left tackle for his football team.

It’s been a joy watching him build this. His collection of 109’s now outnumbers my Spitfires!