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Readers’ Gallery: Butch Delvaux’s Kitech 1/48 IDF Fighter

Butch Delvaux submitted these photos of his great looking Taiwanese Independent Defence Fighter. Looking forward to seeing more Butch!

Here are a few pictures of an aircraft I recently finished, the KITECH #08M- 331, 1/48 IDF (Independent Defence Fighter) Fighter. This is Taiwans new fighter, with the help of the USA.

Looks like the nose of an F-20, canopy and tail from the F-16, and wings & engines from the F-18. It is a very nice kit, recessed panel lines, good fit, did not use hardly any filler. I made the nose to show the radar, with help from the parts box. Decals were OK, but some of them from China are not that good. A big question- there was NO control sticks for the cockpit floor, but a control stick on the right panel like the F-16. I used Testors Model Master paints, and a light coat of Model Master Clear over the top.

I have always enjoyed the odd-ball aircraft, this fits my collection well. Now if some one would come out with a 1/48 Argentine Pucara,  and an Italian AMX!

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Jon Bius, Editor/Publisher