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A new provider of modeling resources has opened it’s virtual doors- Modeler’s Warehouse. And ya gotta love their logo- big hunk o’ pork in a pointy helmet. Their first two product releases are Warpig’s Scale Modeling Weathering Pigments, and Warpig’s Washes.

According to their site, Modeler’s Warehouse is going to provide modeler’s with the “hard-to-find and not-so-obvious under one roof.” And they have an interesting focus, saying it will “always be on the products and tools you use to build your models. We’re not going to be a huge mega-store operation, that’s not our goal. We intend to remain a small operation, focusing on carrying products from smaller, cottage-industry producers.”

I think that’s a very interesting approach, given the huge growth of smaller, home grown operations that are delivering an amazing array of products to modelers. Anything that help bring those products to modelers attention is good for the whole industry.

Their first announced product, Warpig’s Scale Modeling Weathering Pigments, provide a wide range of colors. The site says the “pigments are finely ground – down to 50 microns,” I’m not exactly sure how big a micron is, but what I do know of microns, that’s real itty-bitty. Twenty colors are provided in 20 mL jars, each jar being priced at $6.50. And the price per jar gets a bit lower as you buy more. A very nice additional touch is the option to order special mix colors- for just $3.00 more! You can certainly acheive a unique look that way.

Their second product released is Warpig’s Washes, an easy way to enhance your panel lines and really make detail pop. Three colors are available- black, brown and gray, covering a wide range of uses and genres. The set of three is $18.00. I placed an order for them- I want to try them out. I’ll post my experiences with them as soon as I can get my hands on them!

Modeler’s Warehouse accepts PayPal for their online ordering, or you can find them at Wings ‘n Treads or Sprue Brothers Models.