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Built for a hero, Pt. II

A few days ago, I posted a story about Parker Ewing building a Tamiya P-47 as a gift for the man who flew it in World War II, Mr. Elmer Kovacs.

Now I’m happy to share some photos of Parker presenting the model to Mr. Kovacs.

On the forums, Parker wrote:

I finally delivered Mr. Kovacs his aircraft. What a wonderful moment.  He kept looking at it, turning the base around and around. He doesn’t really understand the model kit concept and how easy it is with Tamiya. He kept asking in amazement “How did you build this?” He thought I carved it! I informed him I wasn’t nearly that talented and tried to explain. He had his wife there to take a bunch of pictures for his children to see. As we talked, he got teary eyed and consequently so did I. That’s him in the picture with me holding the base without the acrylic cover. The other shot is from his wall that contains his DFC and some shots of him in action.

If any of you guys are ever blessed with an opportunity like this, drop what you’re doing and get it done. You’ll treasure the experience. His appreciation was priceless….I’ll never forget the way he kept looking at it. I thank the Lord I got to do something like this before these guys are all gone.

Mission accomplished.

I’d say “mission accomplished” indeed, Parker!