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When I asked God to show me where my ministry was, I was a bit doubtful when His urging was an online model ministry. I questioned God… “A hobby as a ministry? Really God?” I was a bit doubtful. Yet He showed me “Yes, this is what I need you to do.” So I stepped out on faith.

And as God so often does, He showed me, over and over, that when I place my faith in His purpose, great things happen.

I never thought about reaching a lot of people. Or where this would go. I just thought I’d post some devotionals, some pictures of models, and maybe a few people would see it.

Never did I dream what God would do if I just obeyed His call.

Praise God, in the last year, has reached over 12,400 visitors, who’ve generated 69,000 pageviews in over 22,000 visits. And they’ve come from 98 countries.

To be honest, I’ve not done anything extraordinary. No ads, no marketing to speak of. Yet through it all, God has delivered people here, and His purposes are evident every day.

People have contacted me with so many different circumstances that led them here, and in all of them, it’s plainly the Lord at work. It’s not anything I do- I just build some models and write some stuff and God does amazing things.

And I’ve met incredible people that have become my wonderful Christian brothers and sisters. I can’t begin to list them all, and I won’t try. Yet each of you, my brothers, know who you are. You are blessings to me, and I praise God for your faithful support and service.

What I am most thankful for is that God has used this ministry to reach people for Christ in a way that I would have never thought could happen. People have come to a saving relationship with Christ, not through anything I do, but through God’s prompting through this simple ministry.

And though most of the site content is about models, one thing has remained consistent- every time someone comes to the site, there is a chance that they’ll be led to read a devotional, or even to look at the “Becoming a Christian” page. That’s what it’s really all about. 3%. That’s how many people out of the total visitors, every day, take a look at the faith content. And that’s what drives me on.

Reaching people for Jesus, to God’s glory.

God has really taught me a lot through this. And blessed me in ways that I could not have imagined just one year ago.

I can’t wait to see where God takes things in the coming year.

Again- thanks to all who have faithfully supported through your visits, your words of encouragement, and most importantly your prayers.

And to those who are wondering “what is this guy going on about?”, I invite you to visit the “Becoming a Christian” page. Because it’s not about religion or rhetoric or any of that stuff. It’s about one simple thing…

Do you know Jesus Christ as your Lord and Saviour?

It’s the most important decision you’ll ever make. What you do with the Jesus will determine where you spend eternity. Jesus said “No one comes to the Father but through Me.” That means it’s only through the saving grace of Jesus Christ will you go to Heaven. You can’t earn your way in. It’s as simple as making a decision to ask Jesus into yuor heart and make Him your Saviour.

And I invite you to make that decision today.

If you’re not sure what all that means- contact me and I’d love to share more with you. Because I know one thing- Jesus loves you. He died for you, and arose from the dead to break the chains of sin and death forever.

And He wants to have a personal relationship with you.

Praise the Lord for His grace and mercy.

Now go build a model for the Lord! 😀

6 thoughts on “ is a year old!”

  1. Jon, I would like to offer my congratulations on reaching your one year anniversary. In this age of true spiritural warfare, it’s reassuring to know there are still people who aren’t hesitant to stand up as representatives of Jesus Christ. We need more bold lions like you who take the message to the masses. Thank you, brother. You have my respect and my encouragement.

  2. Jon:

    Congrats! This is an excellent picture of how Christ gives us gifts, then wants us to use them, joyfully! So many see Jesus like the angry old man they knew as a kid or a mean school principle or something…He is all about giving his people joy, a joy that is hard to express!



  3. Jon: Your own personal example, the content of this site and the support, knowledge and encouragement of the wonderful people who make the forums the joy they are, have been directly instrumental in helping me decide to be baptised and commit myself to Christ – on Sunday 15 June 2008, Father’s Day in England.
    I thank you and my other brothers in Christ at Agape with all my heart for this – it is a gift beyond measure.
    It’s been my pleasure to contribute to the site with front page copy from this side of the pond – something I will do for as long as God continues to grant me the necessary hand / eye co-ordination…and time off in the modelling shed from my wife of course!
    Happy first birthday Agape.
    Best regards – always.

  4. He certainly does work in mysterious ways, doesn’t He?

    Congratulations, Jon, and may you have many more blessings, and thank you for putting this site together for us!

    May Christ’s grace and peace be with you, and with everyone!


  5. My goodness, how time flies when you’re having fun!!!

    I didn’t even realize I had been here that long. God has truly blessed me this last year by introducing me to some of the best people I have had the honor of knowing on-line.

    Here’s to another glorious year!!!

    Take care and God bless,
    Randie Coulter

  6. Congratulations on your sites anniversary Jon.I admire your faith and wish you many more years of successful online publishing

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