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New release: 1/72 Fairchild T-46 Eaglet from Anigrand

I could say “Anigrand releases an unusual kit”, or “Anigrand releases a kit of an aircraft I’ve not heard of”. But if you visit this site often, you’ll know that saying all that would kind of be redundant. Anigrand always releases unusual kits you’ve likely never heard of. And on a very regular basis. Like a machine- a really cool machine that makes one-of-a-kind models. A sort of “Willie Wonka and the Resin Factory”.

And personally I love it!

Yet again, here’s another aircraft I’d never heard of, Fairchild’s T-46 Eaglet. You gotta just love the name. It basically looks like a twin-tail T-37. Aingrand’s Arnold Chiu says this about the release:

The Fairchild T-46 Eaglet was designed to enter the USAF competition for building the Next Generation Trainer (NGT) for primary flight instruction in 1982. Intended to replace the T-37, initially it was planned that the Air Force would purchase 650 of the trainers through 1993 and that they would serve well into the 21st century. Fairchild also hoped to sell an attack version of the aircraft overseas.

Anigrand Craftswork’s Fairchild T-46 Eaglet is the most detailed 1/72 scale model kit in the market. It comes with many high detailed precisely resin parts such as cockpit interior and landing gears, as well as decals and the clear resin casting canopy.

The unit price is only US$45 plus US$4.50 shipping charge.

Again- something else I’ve said before, and will say again- Anigrand makes some really fun, unusual kits, and they are a great way to get a break form the “norm”, or as an introduction to building resin kits. And their catalog of kits is so unusual but so varied, I can just about guarantee you there will be something that catches your interest.