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ModelNerd’s ModelShack: New I-16 resin set

Mark Buchler, the “nerd” behind Modelnerd’s Modelshack, will shortly be releasing his second resin set, this one for the 1/48 Academy/Hobbycraft Polikarpov I-16. He sent me some information sharing the photos with me, and describing the new “discovery” he’s made to assist him in parts design and fabricating: CAD.

The I-16 kit is almost ready, and I’m real excited about this one! It’s a quantum leap ahead of my first kit. CAD has so much more possibilities.

He also has some additional information on his website about the forthcoming release:

The kit will contain twelve individual parts, plus a printed gauge cluster which can be glued to the back of the instrument panel. Two cowls will be provided for both the Type 10 and Type 18 variants. I am currently working on an instruction sheet, and I hope to offer the kit for sale within the next few weeks.

Mark also shares some interesting information on ways he’s able to improve the quality of his castings…. but I’ll let you visit his site to read that. šŸ˜‰

Pricing on the set will be $15, plus shipping. I’ve already sent my money in- I want to see this set! (Now to find the kit…..)

And if you’re interested in learning to cast your own parts, check out Mark’s wonderful book, “A Beginner’s Guide to Mold Making and Resin Casting for the Hobbyist“.