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Anigrand releases their 1/72 McDonnell Blue Gemini Spacecraft

Anigrand announces the release of the Blue Gemini SpacecraftMost of the news in the modeling hobby centers around aircraft, or maybe armor. And it tends to revolve around some fairly esoteric things like scale inches and rivet width and the shape of a cowl. So sometimes a change from the ordinary helps remind us that it’s really just a hobby, and meant for fun.

With Anigrand’s release of their 1/72 scale Gemini spacecraft, modelers have a great chance to get a fun reminder of that. With only 19 parts, and standing a bit over 3 inches tall and barely 1 1/2 inches wide, this diminutive model can take you back to a time when the world was excited about space travel.

Anigrand’s Arnold Chiu describes the model in his email:

We would like to mention to you that our new item, the 1/72 scale McDonnell Blue Gemini resin model kit, has just been released.

The U.S. Air Force played an important role in Gemini. As with the earlier Mercury program, the USAF contributed boosters and launch crews, flight medicine, facilities and tracking and recovery services. The Gemini Titan launch vehicle was the most important USAF element, a modified Titan II ballistic missile that was the only booster capable of lifting the Gemini spacecraft into orbit. More than half the crewmen (9 of 16) who flew Gemini missions were Air Force officers..

Anigrand Craftswork’s McDonnell Blue-Gemini is the first kitted 1/72 scale military Gemini model in the market. It comes with many high detailed precisely resin parts such as cockpit interior and landing skid-gears, as well as decals and the clear resin casting door/window pieces.

The unit price is only US$38 plus US$3.50 shipping charge.

This little kit would certainly be a change of pace, and a great way to try out a resin kit. As an added plus, you can combine Anigrand’s Blue Gemini with the recently released Anigrand Titan II missile to have the model of a Gemini-Titan Rocket- standing over 20 inches tall! Now that would be really cool to see standing on your model shelf!