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Found treasure: Gregg Cooper’s Gekko build on Hyperscale

scr-hs-gekko.jpgThe modeling hobby, at least for me, is a series of plateaus and peaks, times that I feel like I’m doing well, and then times when I realize I’m growing. Those times of growth are fun and exciting, because they usually begin with an encounter with something that provides one of those “Ah-ha!” moments in life that can be so fun.

And through this site, it makes it even more joyful to share in those moments. And I’m loving this one.

Brett Green and Hyperscale are one of the greatest resources a modeler can have to see great work from all over the world. And contributor Parker Ewing pointed me to a series of articles on Hyperscale that, while a few years old, provided enough “Ah-ha’s!” for the next few months.

A gentleman by the name of Gregg Cooper did a 3-part series on building Tamiya’s 1/48 Nakajima J1N1 Gekko out of the box, and to call it stunning is an understatement. His description on everything from detailing the interior to weathering the outside is so thorough yet so simple that it made me realize “I can do that!” And I hope, after reading it, you too will have had some of those “A-ha’s!” and will find new ways to grow your modeling skills.

I’ve never met you, Mr. Cooper, but I just want to say “thank you” for sharing your skill with us, and for helping me along in the joy I find in my model building journey.

Part 1: Building Tamiya’s Nakajima J1N1Gekko (Irving) “Straight Out Of The Box”
Part 2: Completing Tamiya’s Nakajima J1N1Gekko (Irving) “Straight Out Of The Box”
Part 3: Painting and Weathering Tamiya’s Nakajima J1N1Gekko (Irving) “Straight Out Of The Box”