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BIG NEWS: Industry giants Tamiya and Hasegawa merge to form “Tamegawa”

tamegawa-parody.jpgIn what has to represent a major shift in the modeling landscape, Japanese modeling giants Tamiya and Hasegawa announced that after months of secret negotiations the two companies will merge to form what is likely to be the largest, most formidable model and hobby company in the world today. “The merger just made sense”, reported Tamiya’s Director of Public Relations. “We can achieve economies of scale in terms of distribution and production, while taking advantage of some of the best engineering talent in the industry.”

Hasegawa’s Vice-President of Marketing also pointed out another advantage- marketing mindshare. “Most modelers already refer to us collectively as “Tamegawa”, so we are simply capitalizing on an unintended- but fortunate- marketing phenomenon.

When questioned if rumors that a third-party was in the merger- Chinese manufacturer Trumpeter- both men quickly denied the rumors.

“While we admire the work Trumpeter is doing, they were not- and will not- be part of this merger”, stated Tamiya’s spokesman.

Hasegawa’s representative added “Plus, that would be a silly name. Tamegawumpeter? Well that would simply be ridiculous. Why, it almost sounds like an April Fools joke.”