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Kit preview: Accurate Miniature’s 1/48 F2G Corsair “Miss Port Columbus”

f2g-rv-box.jpgI don’t know if I’ll ever tire of modeling. It’s a hobby that relaxes me and clears my mind of the day’s work. And praise the Lord it’s the basis for my ministry! You can’t beat that with a stick.

One thing modeling can become is a search for something a little different. I love building the old standbys- most of us do or the shelves of the local hobby shop wouldn’t be filled with them. Still, every now and then it’s nice for something to come along that is just a bit different.

Into this “just a bit different” gap comes another racer from Accurate Miniatures, the 1/48 F2G Super Corsair. I’d seen on AM’s blog recently that the F2G was shipping (as well as their P-400) and was looking forward to getting one. I dropped by my favorite model shop, Hayes Hobby House in Fayetteville, North Carolina, and what do you know? It was right there on the shelf, hollering for me to take it home. (And the P-400 was there, too, but it didn’t holler loud enough.)

And when I got it home, I was quite pleased with what I saw in the box.

f2g-rv-fuselage_sprues.jpgAccurate Miniature’s kit is actually had been previously issued under the Special Hobby brand, according to Accurate’s blog. Accurate is re-releasing this boxing in cooperation with MPM. According to the blog entry (or BOLG… right Tom? 😉 ) about it’s release, “Fewer than 100 have been available in this country up until now, less than 1000 world wide. The reason we entered into this agreement with MPM is because we think we can give the kit better play on this side of the pond than it received previously.”

Sounds good to me- whatever the reason I’m really glad to have this added to my collection.

f2g-rv-wing_sprues.jpgThe injected parts are very nicely done. The parts are molded in light gray plastic, with only a little flash here and there. Ejector marks aren’t a problem, the only ones I saw in looking over the sprues were a couple of simple to remove ones along the interior fuselage walls. Panel lines are recessed, and are cast very well. If you’re like me and prefer to add a wash to enhance your panel lines, these look like they will take it very well.

f2g-rv-resin.jpgThe real centerpiece that calls attention to this plane are the resin parts, most of which make up the scaled down version of the F2G’s ridiculously huge 28 cylinder, 4,362 cubic inch Pratt and Whitney R-4360-4 Wasp Major engine. Said engine developing 3,000 horsepower. (Later versions of this engine developed 4,300 HP!)

f2g-rv-parts_sprue.jpgThe engine is a kit unto itself, and I’m sure a scratch builder who wanted to add some ignition wiring and other bit could spend months on this monster. The parts are gorgeous,and I am looking forward to tackling that part of the build. Lots of parts- every cylinder is separately cast. But are we modelers, or merely assemblers of plastic parts? (I didn’t get a “HARRUMPH” from that guy!)

f2g-rv-pe.jpgAlso included is a nicely done photo-etched fret, including belts for the seat and a nicely done instrument panel, complete with plastic acetate instrument dials. (The decal sheet also includes an instrument decal…. that will be a nice addition to the spares for future use!) The P/E fret and acetate sheet clearly show the kit’s history, as they are still marked “Special Hobby”. But hey- it’s the fun of building the kit that matters, right? Bring on more reboxes if you ask me! 😀

f2g-rv-decals.jpgThe decals sheet is up to the usual standard from Accurate- awesome! Printed by Cartograph, there are options for two racers, one in navy blue, the other being the striking blue and light gray “Miss Port Columbus”. And an added bonus- the decals for a military version are also included, so if you’d like to build it in the look the F2G was originally intended to have, you can do that too.

f2g-rv-canopy.jpgFinally, staring at me menacingly from inside the box, was my old nemesis and arch-enemy, Mr. Vacform Canopy. We glared at each other for a few moments before I finally took him out of the box. Thankfully, two canopies are provided, so if when you hack up one, you can try the other one. They are very nicely done- very clear with clearly defined praming. Hopefully I’ll have better luck in hacking cutting these out than I’ve had previously when I had encounters with Mr. Vacform Canopy.

f2g-rv-wing_detail.jpgI’m looking forward to starting this kit. The Corsair was a brute of an aircraft, with a look that said “I’m fixin’ to put a hurtin’ on you.” And adding the huge engine to this already tough looking plane just makes it that much more menacing. And yet the inclusion of the bubble type canopy gives it a certain sleekness just aft of that brute power. No matter who you look at it- this kit is a thing of beauty. I highly recommend it!