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Anigrand Craftswork’s 1/144 Dornier-Stratospharen Haunebu II

Anigrand Craftswork has really topped themselves this time. The last few months they’ve been releasing some really interesting subjects, especially WWII era giant and experimental bombers. Their latest release, however, takes the cake.

It’s a UFO.

OK, not really a UFO, more of a RAIFO….. Rumored but Allegedly Identified Flying Object. If that’s really a word…

The official name is the Dornier-Stratospharen Haunebu II, reproduced in 1/144th scale.

Whatever it is, it’s certainly unusaul and cool, and would certainly be a conversation piece sitting on the shelf next to that Spitfire or Mustang. “Yeah, that’s Johnnie Johnson’s Mk. IX, and Don Gentile’s Shangri-La….. and that’s Germany’s UFO with a death ray mounted on it.”

Why does that give me visions of the Austin Power’s film series character Doctor Evil making quote marks in the air with his fingers? “Death Ray….. riiiiight.”

The kit itself is based on supposedly experimental German craft that were being developed with a sort of anti-gravity engine, and with some decidedly futuristic weapons on-board. If you really want to go into the Twilight Zone, read Wikipedia’s entry on it…. I hope the aliens don’t freak out that the secret is loose! (Do I hear black helicopters heading my way?)

OK, all joking aside, this kit is definetly unique, and looks like it would be a hoot to build- no rivet counting here! This is the “what-if build” of what-if builds. Anigrand’s Arnold Chiu describes the kit:

The Do-Stra Haunebu flying disc series was the German huge heavy armed flight gyro developed in the second World War. It was installed existing KG gun and tank cannon for its armament. It was intended to produce the Haunebu II with tenders for Dornier in early 1945 but the end of the war prevented Dornier from building any Haunebu production.

Anigrand Craftswork’s 1/144 Dornier-Stratospharen Haunebu II is the first kitted model release in the market. It comes with many high detailed precisely resin parts and decals, as well as the die-cut clear PVC window pieces. It also includes “Four” 1/144 German dics crafts kits as bonus.

The unit price for this huge & heavy model kit is only US$98 plus US$18 shipping charge.

Pretty cool….. I’ve never even heard of this, well…. vehicle before. It’s probably the source of most of the UFO stories and crop circles since 1947. Wonder if the pilot is a short, sickly looking guy with a big head, large round eyes, and goes by the name “Gray”?

The truth is out there……

And available in resin too! 😀