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Anigrand Craftswork releases 1/144 Nakajima G10N1 Fugaku

Anigrand Craftswork releases 1/144 Nakajima G10N1 FugakuI’m losing track of clever things to say about Anigrand’s release schedule- their catalog is going to be thicker than an old Sears and Roebuck catalog.

And that’s a good thing for modelers. πŸ™‚

This time they’ve released a bomber that never got off the drawing board- the 1/144th scale Nakajima G10N1 Fugaku, which was probably a good thing. According to Wikipedia, this monster was to have a range of 12,055 miles! Plan was to bomb the US, fly on to France, and turn around and do it again.

Anigrand’s Arnold Chiu says this about the new release:

The Nakajima Fugaku was the six-engines powered, very long range, super heavy bomber developed in the second World War. It could be able to carry 11000 lbs bomb load, take off from the Japan, bomb the continentalUnited States, then continue onward to land in German-occupied France. Once there, it would be refitted and make another return sortie. The project was in-house named “Z-bomber”.

Anigrand Craftswork’s 1/144 Nakajima Fugaku is the first kitted model release in the market. It comes with many high detailed precisely resin parts and decals, as well as the clear resin casting canopy and windows. It also includes three 1/144 Japanes project airplane kits as bonus.

The unit price is only US$88 plus US$14 shipping charge.

As with most of Anigrand’s recent 1/144 releases, this kit comes with three bonus aircraft, so for the price you are getting 4 kits of some very unusual aircraft.

If you’ve not built a resin kit, Anigrand Craftswork kits are a good one to start with.

And you’ll definitely have a conversation piece for your next IPMS club meeting!