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Back in business: Lindberg Models

(Please note: THIS STORY WAS PUBLISHED IN 2007. Agape Models IS NOT a representative, seller, producer, or distributor of Lindberg kits or spare parts, and does not provide any customer service for Lindberg Models.


If you are looking for kits, support, parts, or any other contact information for Lindberg kits, you may want to try Round 2 LLC, who I believe is the current owner of the Lindberg brand. They can be reached at

Lindberg is back, and their site proclaims “Your Source for over 200 Un-Assembled Plastic Model Kits.” Talk about coming back in a big way! They have a wide variety of kits, too- cars, ships, aircraft, space, sci-fi, human body and dinosaurs. And it’s not just talk- I’ve seen several of their kits already on the shelves of my favorite local hobby shop, Hayes Hobby House.

Back in business: Lindberg ModelsTheir aircraft line is especially interesting. While many of the standards are there- Corsairs, Zeros, Stukas, as well as modern jets, there are some very unusual kits too. Several modern jet kits have “battle damage” options. The Douglas X-3 Stiletto is there. Golden Age racers, early jets, and even a USS Los Angeles Airship are part of their line.

Hopefully, the nostalgia factor will win over many older modelers, and perhaps if the prices are right, some simpler kits will help bring in new modelers to the hobby. Anything that can bring new folks into the hobby is a good thing!

Welcome back Lindberg!

6 thoughts on “Back in business: Lindberg Models”

  1. Hi,
    Just seen the Lindberg notice. I also now have a (1/48 ?) Black Arrows Hawker Hunter kit (564:98), from a dealer in the US, a prized posession still factory sealed. This is a direct reenactment of the same kit, seen in the basement of the old Harrogate market by me as a 12 year old in 1962 and bought as an early Christmas present for me by my dad. Brings back happy memories of an idyllic modelling boyhood, a Yorkshire town now devoid of its great toy/model shops and also of my late dad.

    Happy days !

  2. I have heard more rumors about Lindberg back in production. Great! I painted numerous pieces of art for their box tops. Many of you may remember my signature…T.A.M. at the bottom. Several years ago I was supposed to get back all my original paintings when the company went under. They were all packaged for me but somehow they “got misplaced” and I haven’t seen them since. For some reason the name Ernie Petit keeps popping up but I don’t know who he is.

    I believe I painted at least 75+ pieces of Lindberg art for a variety of boxes between the mid 60’s through the late 70’s. Anyone care to respond It would be appreciated.


  3. Hi Tom,

    Enjoyed your box tops over the years. Especially liked the old Hawk 29 cent fighters, Wildcat, Zero, Messerschmitt and Spitfire.

    No wonder the art “disappeared”. Any enthusiast would love to have your work. Alas.

    Hope you get it back and best regards,


  4. I’m glad you are in business! I have a not fully formed plane of yours. I thought you should know . Gloster gladiator.

  5. Hi Rory,

    This was just a story I published about Lindberg. You’d need to look them up for support. I don’t know if they are still in business.



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