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Just released: Anigrand Craftswork’s 1/144 XB-70 Valkyrie

Anigrand Craftswork’s 1/144 XB-70 ValkyrieAnigrand Craftswork has announced the release of another kit in their 1/144th line of resin models, this time being the 1/144th scale XB-70 Valkyrie. In their email announcing it’s release, Anigrand’s Arnold Chiu said:

The North American XB-70 Valkyrie was an experimental high-speed, delta-wing aircraft designed to fly at speed Mach-3 and at altitudes in excess of 70,000 feet. To achieve Mach 3 performance, the XB-70 was designed to “ride” its own shock wave. It had a delta wing and hinged wing tip that could be folded down to a 65 degree angle to improve stability at the aircraft’s supersonic speeds.

Anigrand Craftswork’s 1/144 scale XB-70 Valkyrie is the most detailed model kit available in the market. It comes with more than 90 high detailed precisely resin parts, and decal, as well as the clear resin casting canopies.The unit price of this large-sized plane is only US$92 plus US$16 shipping charge.

As with many of it’s recent releases, Anigrand provides the modeler with three smaller additional kits as part of the overall package, on it’s website listing them as “secret kits of three 1/144 North American Aviation aircrafts as bonus”. Take a look at the silhouettes provided and make a guess!

If you’ve not built a resin kit, I recommend Anigrand Craftswork’s kits as a great way to start. They’re relatively easy to assemble, and build into nice models of some pretty unusual aircraft.