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Anigrand Craftswork releases 1/72 scale Douglas XF6D-1 Missileer

Anigrand Craftswork releases 1/72 scale Douglas XF6D-1 MissileerAnigrand Craftswork continues their brisk release schedule with another in a line of unusual X-aircraft, this time being the Douglas XF6D-1 Missileer. Anigrand’s kits are all resin kits that are a joy to build. They’re not super detailed, but they do have a line of kits that you often won’t find any other examples of in any scale, and are perfect for add-on details.

Here’s what Anigrand’s Arnold Chiu said about the XF6D-1:

The Douglas F6D-1 Missileer was ordered in 1958 as a new concept for airborne fleet defense. This large subsonic interceptor was designed to install with a powerful radar, and was to be equipped with high speed air-to-air AAM-N-10 Eagle missile to shoot down approaching Soviet strike aircrafts and bombers.

Anigrand Craftswork’s Douglas F6D-1 Missileer is the first kitted 1/72 scale model in the market. It comes with many high detailed precisely resin parts and decal, as well as the clear resin casting canopy.

The unit price of this large-sized naval fighter plane is only US$65 plus US$8 shipping charge. To get one to group with your models collection of the U.S. Navy airplanes and/or to fill the gap to your fighter plane collection, The Missileer is what you must have.

This is an unusual aircraft that frankly I’d never heard of. So if you love collecting rare aircraft, naval aircraft, or a looking for a great way to try out the resin world, take a look at Anigrand’s Missileer.