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Coming from Airfix: 1/48 Canberras

The Airfix catalogue page describing the soon to be released Canberra kits.Before Airfix’s financial troubles in 2006, modelers had been looking forward to some new-tool Canberras the company had plans to release. Having been brought back to life by Hornby, modelers will get to finally see these kits. Between them- a total of four kits will be released- there will be plenty of Canberra goodness to go around.

Having recently downloaded Airfix’s 2007 catalougue (available to Official Airfix CLub members!), I saw the Canberra featured prominently. As it was the 2007 catalogue, and with 2007 fast drawing to a close, I thought I’d check and see if Airfix would be releasing them before the year closed out.

After a quick visit to the customer service of the Airfix website, and emailing their customer service, I received a nice reply from Darrell Burge, Marketing Manager for Airfix & Humbrol, saying the kits will be released in January.

Here’s how the Airfix catalogue described the four variants that will be available:

  • The English Electric Canberra B.2 kit will have options for RAF, Argentina and Federal Germany B.2s, a B.20 of the Royal Australian Air Force and a B(I)6 of the RAF.
  • The English Electric Canberra B(I)8 will include alternate parts and decals for B(I)8s of the RAF and Peruvian Air Force, and B(I)12s of the South African Air Force and Royal New Zealand Air Force.
  • The English Electric Canberra PR.9 kit will feature options for RAF and Chilean Air Force aircraft.
  • The Martin B-57B Canberra will offer parts and decals for three U.S.A.F versions, the B-57B, RB-57E and RB-57G.

Unless my math is off, that means between the four kits, you can build 9 variants and 14 different sets of markings! If you’re a Canberra fan, you’ll be busy for a while.

I’m not usually a jet kit fan, but there is some nostalgia factor here for me. As a kid, I built a B-57 kit- can’t recall the maker- but I really loved that plane. Between it and a few other trusty models, we controlled the skies over many a toy soldier battle in my backyard. So maybe I’ll take a break from WWII prop aircraft sometime next year and tackle a Canberra.