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Two new kits from Accurate Miniatures- update!

Accurate Miniatures has announced two new kits to be released in September. (I’d written about this a few weeks ago, but I wanted to update it with a photo of the P-400, courtesy of the great folks at Accurate Miniatures. Thanks so much AM for sending me this picture of the completed kit!)

First up is a 1/48 P-400 Airacobra, “Cactus Air Force at Guadalcanal”. According to their website the kit has over 100 parts, recessed panel lines and weighted and unweighted tires. The suggested price is $29.99.

The other announced release is a racing airframe, the F2G Super Corsair, “Miss Port Columbus.” The kit boasts 60 injection molded parts, 50 resin parts, photo-etch details and vac-form canopies. This one continues in the vein of the previous releases from AM in racing airframes (P-39s). Suggested price is $44.99.

The Super Corsair is particularly interesting, as it’s an unusual kit that goes outside the box of your typical WWII aircraft release. Their website says the aircraft had a 28 cylinder engine- can’t wait to see the ignition wiring on that!

Accurate Miniatures has a reputation for releasing kits that are just that- accurate. If these kits continue in that tradition- and I see no reason why they wouldn’t- then they’ll both make fine additions to your display shelf.