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Finally: Airfix’s Spitfire Mk. I

Last year, Airfix had plans to release two Spitfire boxed sets to celebrate the airplanes 70th Anniversary.. One, in 72nd scale, comprised 5 kits, all previously released Airfix kits. A second set, in 1/48 scale, would be comprised of their already released Mk. IX and Mk. 22/24, as well as a newly tooled Mk. I. Unfortunately, Airfix went bankrupt before either 1/48 scale set was released.

I’d managed to get my hands on the 1/72nd scale set, but the 1/48 set never made it to market. And though Tamiya’s Spitfire Mk. I is a fine kit, I really wanted Airfix’s Mk. I. I’m a big fan of Airfix, simply for the nostalgic value from my teen modeling years. And it also was rumored to have optional parts for the two-bladed prop and original canopy.

Hornby stepped up to the plate and purchased Airfix’s assets, and thankfully the first release of the “new” Airfix is that very Spitfire Mk. I that was intended to be in the previously mentioned set. And though I’ve not been able to get my hands on one yet, Brett Green on Hyperscale and Mal Mayfield on Aeroscale have written fine reviews of this kit.

Looking at the various parts in both reviews, it sounds like this Mk. I is typical of an Airfix Spitfire that’s recently tooled- mostly accurate in shape, decently detailed, but with a few points that could be improved. Brett Green points out that many of the poor points of Airfix’s Mk. IX have been addressed in this kit, which is good to hear. I built two of the Mk. IXs, and enjoyed both, but thought they could have been better.

So though I could order Airfix’s new offering from Hannant’s, I’ve decided to wait until my friend Mike at my favorite hobby shop, Hayes Hobby House in Fayetteville, NC has it in stock. And when I do, you can be sure I’ll post it here!