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In the Box: Eduard’s 1/48 La-7 Weekend Edition

I always enjoyed visiting my grandmother as a child? She always had plenty of great food, and she never asked me to do any chores. And every visit, she’d give me five dollars, to with whatever I wanted.

I’d always go to the local Kmart. For five dollars, I could get a couple of kits, some bottles of paint, and brushes and glue. It would only last an afternoon- but what an afternoon!

So what’s that got to do with a 1/48 Lavochkin La-7?

Modeling has gotten expensive. To find anything close to those kits of yesteryear, you have to sacrifice engineering. And to get modern engineering, you’ve got to pay an arm and a leg, right?

Well, that’s where the La-7 comes in. Eduard’s Weekend Edition of it, to be precise.Eduard is known for their amazing line of after-market parts, and increasingly for their beautifully engineered line of injection molded kits. Some of their kits are very innovative packaged, such as their dual-combos and Royal lines, multiple kits in one box, loaded full of photo-etched goodies and more. Still, they are very pricey.

Always the innovators, Eduard has come out with their “Weekend Editions”, kits that are simply the injection molded parts- no photo-etch, no multiple sets of decals. Just a well engineered kit.

For less than $14.

The 1/48 Lavochkin La-7 is a perfect kit to examine to learn more about the “Weekend Edition” series.

First- these kits don’t sacrifice engineering. If you’ve built Eduard kits, you know how well they are made. Even if you’ve not seen an Eduard kit, think Accurate Miniatures or Tamiya quality. Sharp panel lines, well defined detail, and an attention to accuracy and detail that are normally associated with kits that cost twice as much.

The instructions are simple but laid out very well. They contain the basic assembly instructions, while the box actually displays decal placement and painting instructions. This is a very nifty arrangement, which I am assuming is designed to reduce costs. Having the painting directions on the box actually serves a purpose- how many kits come with color painting instructions? Only one decal set is included with the kit, in keeping with the idea of keeping costs low and delivering a kit that can be built in a weekend. The decals that come with the La-7 are very nice, and are not a throw-away set- they’re up to Eduard standards.

The kits 55 parts are on two medium gray sprues and one clear sprue. The kits moldings are very sharp, with recessed panel lines, good detailing, and almost no flash of sink marks. The sprue attachment points are very small, and should not present any problems parts removal. The clear parts are reasonably thin, and are very well cast.

These kits have plenty of detailing for a very nice out-of-the-box build, in keeping with it’s “Weekend Edition” name. The only thing I would recommend to possibly add would be some seat belts. Aside from that, the cockpit will look very nice with a basic paint, wash and dry-brush application. Surface detail on the parts is very nice, and will result in a fine kit when completed.

Eduard’s 1/48 Weekend Edition La-7 is an outstanding kit, and an outstanding bargain. Priced like kits 30 years older, with the detail and engineering of the latest kits out of the finest manufacturers, it is a must-have for both serious modelers and newcomers or occasional builders. Also available in a Weekend Edition boxing are a Yak-3, Bf-108, and a wide range of WWI biplanes.