Airfix is back

I make a trip every few weeks to my local Books-A-Million, as they carry a good selection of modeling magazine. Sitting down with a stack of several magazines and a cup of coffee, I was really happy to see an Airfix ad in Model Airplane International. Since the announcement that they had gone into receivership, and then subsequently were bought out by Hornby, I’d been anxiously awaiting their return to the modeling scene.

And I was even more pleased to see what they were advertising- a Spitfire Mk. I. Before they’d gone under in August, I’d read they were releasing two 70th Anniversary Spitfire set, a 5 kit set in 72nd scale, and a 3 plane set in 48th scale. I picked up the 72nd scale set, but the 48th scale set wasn’t released before the doors closed. It was supposed to be a Mk. I, Mk. IX, and a Mk. 22/24.

The Mk. IX and the Mk. 22/24 have both been sold separately, and I’ve built two of the Mk. IXs, and will start the Mk. 22/24 in July.

The Mk. I however, was to be a new tooling, with options for the two-bladed early versions. So seeing that this is (apparently) one of their flagship offerings since being bought by Hornby is a great thing.

Many modelers are critical of Airfix, and to be sure more than a few of their kits have some serious problems. I have a soft spot for them, though. So many kids- including me- grew up in the 70’s building Monogram, Revell and Airfix. Their engineering isn’t always to the Hasegawa and Tamiya standard, but they represent a good value for the casual modeler. And there is something to be said for a kit that makes you stretch your ability a bit.

So welcome back Airfix! Here’s to many more years of modeling, and hopefully some great new kits that can also be a great value.