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P-51A- building the office

I completed painting and detailing the various components that make up the cockpit for my Accurate Miniatures P-51A. I feel like it’s the best work I’ve done so far on interior detailing, but a lot of the reason for that is AM put so much detail into the office. I’ve also learned that patience is the key- you’ve got to give paint time to dry before putting the next layer on, not panicking when things don’t turn out like you expect, and just plain stopping and thinking the next 3 or 4 steps through.

I really liked the way the instrument panel turned out. AM included a decal for it, and the panel itself was molded in clear plastic. Theory being you paint the rest black, leave the dials clear, and apply the decal to the back of the panel. Gives s ome depth to it, and it looks quite authentic. The decals didn’t register perfectly, so I painted the back of the panel white to correct any “shine through”.

You can read about the completion of the build here.