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And another kit in the stash…..

I’ve not even finished the cockpit on my Accurate Miniatures P-51A, but when I saw the old Revell/Monogram P-40B last night at WalMart for less than $8.00….. well, you know what happened. I picked it up. I’ts an old kit, the molds are probably 20 to30 years old. Though it has raised panel lines and rivets, they aren’t too bad. Interestingly, it has small sidewall detail that is glued in. I find that interesting since most kits of this period have simple molded in detail.

For all the points the kit gains from that, it loses points for having a generic seat with a hole in it for the tab in the pilots back. I’m going to use this as an opportunity to try scratch building a proper seat with frame, add some sidewall detail, etc. I also noticed the fuselage mounted guns can be accessed from the cockpit, so I’m going to try and get those in there too.
Though the Revell SPitfire Mk. II I just finished did have some frustrating moments, I realized that for the money- they ain’t bad kits. For the most part, Revell/Monogram was all I built as a kid. Might as well give them a second go ’round!