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Lindberg P-47B

This was the first model airplane I built when I was a kid. My dad brought it home for me as a gift after a really good report card.

After I got back into model building earlier this year (after 23 years “off”), I started looking around eBay for some of the kits I built. After just a little searching, I actually found two of these- one still in it’s sealed wrapper.

After posting on the Fine Scale Modeler Forums my plans to build on of them, and turn the built kit and the sealed box into a small display, another forum member sent me a re-issue of the kit. So I’ll have a nice display- the finished model, the vintage model displayed before building, and another still in the box.

I’m almost done, and should have some pictures up in a few days of the final build.

3 thoughts on “Lindberg P-47B”

  1. I can relate about being nostalgic for kits from your childhood. I grew up building Monogram and Matchbox. I am pleased to say, thanks to eBay, both are easily obtainable. However, the old Armor Kits by Monogram cost an arm & a leg. 🙁 The good news, Matchbox is not that expensive for the 1:72 scale. In fact, I recently picked up a older (1980’s) Brewster Buffalo. I plan to build it in Dutch Marking operating in the pacific or British SEAC. When I get it done I’ll post pics on myspace. 😉



  2. Saw this thread and had to post. I built this one too, Jon, and almost in exactly the same circumstance. I bought three kits, however. Built one for me, one for my dentist ( big WWII nut) and the original to sit pretty on my shelf along with a couple of old Monogram kits and two special Aurora plane kits I first built as a Cub Scout a looonnnng time ago 🙂 I build most everything I buy, but this one I just had to have, almost like a styrene security blanket. Took me way back to my childhood with Dad and me at the kitchen table and a tube of Testor’s glue. – Ed

  3. I’ve bought a lot of “memory kits” on eBay. Some are a bit out of reach price wise now though as they’ve become “collectible.” Things like the 1/32 Aurora B-25 and their 1/17 Fokker D.VII. Or the 1/25 MPC semi-truck kits – The “California Hauler,” and the truck from the old TV show “Movin’ On.” My step-dad and I built those. Yep – modeling sure brings back memories!

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